Neer Mahal - The Water Palace of Tripura

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Neer Mahal:

This magnificent lake palace was constructed as a summer resort in 1930 by late Maharaja Birbikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur in the middle of a natural lake called Rudrasagar having an area of 5.35 Sq.Km. The construction was undertaken by Martin & Burn Co. and it is the only lake palace in the entire eastern India. 

A good combination of Hindu and Mughal architecture is noticed on the domes of the palace. There are mainly two parts of the palace - one on the western side known as Andar Mahal which was used by the royal family and another on the eastern side which was used for the security personnel and servants. There are 15 rooms in the main Andar Mahal. There is a beautiful garden laid in the western side of the palace. In the garden there is an open stage where drama, theatre, etc. use to be organised. 

             Maharajas used to go by motor boat to the palace from Rajghat. There is a motor boat ghat inside the palace upto which the motor boat could go and there are two ,stairs at the motor boat ghat - one for Maharaja and one for Maharani. 

Flood lighting of the palace has been arranged in the evening. In addition, water sports facilities are being extended. The palace is going to be renovated and a museum depicting the royal life style will be set up inside the palace. In addition Light & Sound show on the historical past and cultural heritage of Tripura will be organised in the palace. In water number of migratory birds are found in the lake surrounding Neermahal.

Location : 
53 k.m. from Agartala. 

How to Reach :
Agartala to Melaghar in Sonamura Sub-Division by bus and then by rickshaw.

The Beauty of Neer Mahal from the outside

The Gateway of Neer Mahal 

Way to Mahal

Mahal from interior

Garden full of Beauty


The Sunset view

The Scene @ the night light


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